Friday, August 17, 2007

Self Assessment

I was reading my old posts (now around 200), and I have come across one of my posts in 2005 that somehow made me ask my self, "eh..nasaan na ako, ngayon?" I am not showing off, pang-mahirap lang itong buhay ko that is posted here. I just want to compare my life noon, ngayon, and where I am going. OK, here is the post.


" Saturday, November 19, 2005
Working in Saudi Arabia

I have been working in Saudi Arabia for a total of 18 months and 20 days now. I have been on official vacation to the Philippines twice. That 18 months was not straight, I first came here on a tourist visa, which my sponsor kept on extending 2 months at a time. That was in 2003, my stay during this period lasted for 9 months. Tapos umuwi ako sa Pilipinas and was jobless for 10 months. But my sponsor called me in October last year (while I was looking for a job) to return here, if I was interested, kaya bumalik ako dito dahil wala akong makitang trabaho sa Pilipinas. Sabi ko sa sarili ko “nobody wants to hire me in the Philippines”. Ngayon, all in all 18 months and 20 days na akong nakikipagsapalaran dito.

Ano ba na-achieve ko sa pag-a-abroad?

a. I was able to send to college two of my nieces. I call them “my scholars”.

b. Nakabili ako ng dalawang MCH (Motor Cab for Hire), ito ang tawag sa aming probinsya. The boundary of these two MCH is 600 pesos a day, which my “scholars are managing”, they get their expenses, tuition etc. from the MCH, and they deposit the boundary money, after expenses to my account weekly. Kaya kumikita pa rin ako kahit nandito ako sa Saudi.

c. I was able to employ 4 people. One MCH has two drivers (isa sa gabi at isa sa araw), kaya literally, four families are dependent on that small livelihood I created out of my savings here in Saudi.

d. I was able to buy four hectares of land planted with coconuts and rice. It is managed by one family (katiwala), on my behalf. The proceeds are given to my mother, which she also deposits to my account.

e. I was able to provide agricultural loans to 6 rice farmers during my vacation last month. They pay interest during harvest (2x a year) at on going rate of 8 sacks of palay per 10,000 pesos loan. I am expecting 300 sacks of palay as interest per year. Pag maging maganda ito, I will expand it to enable me to earn an interest of 2000 sacks of palay per year.

f. I was also able to buy a 300 sqm lot in the city.

g. I planted 20 mango and, 100 mahogany and narra trees during my vacation last month.

Paano ko nagawa ito?

I save every riyal and halala. Hindi ako bumili ng mamahaling cellphone, hindi rin ako bumili ng mga alahas at ginto, I limit my calls to the Philippines, at hindi rin ako kumakain ng mga masasarap, at hindi rin ako bumili ng sasakyan dito. In others words, sa pagiging kuripot, at sa pagsasakrispisyo.hehehe.

Ano pa ang plano ko?

May isang taon pa ako dito (until September 2006) sapat na panahon para makapag-ipon ng pera pampagawa ng bahay ko at pambili ng sasakyan ko (pick-up truck). Ang tira ay gagawin kong capital sa balak kong farming business.

I have simple dreams. And I plan to live a simple, comfortable life. Bow! "


That post was on November 2005. It is now August 2007 (obyus, ba?, hehe). Where am I now?

1. I did not finish my contract, umuwi ako in June 2006. Although I had a return ticket and VISA, hindi na ako bumalik, iniwan ko ang iba kong gamit doon including my TV, Ref, and some personal effects. I have been jobless for the past 14 months now.

2. One of the scholars is now a graduate and working, the other one is in 3rd year college. I have added two more "scholars".

3. The MCHs are doing fine, and I have added, not MCH anymore, but Multicabs (discussed on one of the post here). So, I have more drivers now.

4. My agri loans had been a lucrative business, I am close to earning a thousand sacks of palay on interests alone per cropping. I made sure that it grew by at least 400 sacks per year, and will continue growing in the months and years ahead.

5. The lots have become 4.

6. The trees are growing and doing fine. I am planting more.

7. The addition to this, was the income developed over several months from blogging. My current income from blogs is enough to pay the bills, and more!

So? Am I going back abroad? Ewan ko, wala pa akong balak. Will I be searching for a formal job? Ewan ko din, I am doing fine blogging (seriously) katamaran ko lang ang kalaban ko, hehehe.

I am currently living on our old house, which means, hindi pa ako nakapagpapagawa (sa 2009 pa ang balak ko), at hindi pa ako nakakabili ng pick-up truck (May 2008 pa ang balak ko).

PS: Prior to my Saudi stint in 2003, no assets or business was on my name. Fact was my utang pa ako noon, which means, my net worth at that time was in the negative. At least nagbago narin ngayon. I know mabagal ang progress ko - but at least I am doing it honestly,with a lot less pressure, and with a lot of charity works on the side, hehehe.

This is all for now.