Friday, August 17, 2007

Self Help

I posted on this blog that I get depressed, particularly the day after a night of heavy drinking. And when I am on this state, I searched the internet for self help and inspirational sites that I could read. Reading somehow helps in improving the bleak mood that I am in. Also, when I need to know certain things that I am shy to ask from friends about – I go to Google and search whatever it is that I need to know.

In many occasions, I had been helped a lot by various sites. It cannot be denied that I, one time or another, searched about: Millionaire Mindset, Loving Relationships, Business Management, Start a Business, Stress Relief, Anger Management, Dating Tips, High Blood Pressure, and Weight Loss & Dieting among other information.

In looking for good sites, there is one called Self-help Vocaboly that has comprehensive information about all sorts of self help topics. The articles on this site are written on a very easy to understand English, and the site is not cluttered with pop ups and other ads.