Thursday, April 24, 2008

Join the 3gb Community

We all know there are a lot of social networking site that are coming out in the internet and most of my friends are members, and every now and then I get an invitation via email to join one. If your interest is music, and you want to share this passion, then you should check out 3GB. Do you know that this is the new online social networking community? Apart from having the usual features such as searching for your friends, exchanging messages, posting picture/photos, searching and connecting with new people/friends, joining groups and read your friends blog, and even make your own blog, you can upload your favorite music and you let your friends listen to it; and your friends can do the same that is, you can listen to the music that your friends have uploaded. So, if you want to try and experience 3GB Community or if you want to share your favorite music online and have fun, then you should join 3gb community