Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am back

Its been around 2 weeks since my last post.
The part of the house where my room, computer, and internet connection is located got its due repairs and renovation. Yeah, I know I could have made my posts from somewhere else. But..I also got busy with many other things, hehehehe, (I know I sound like I have never ending excuses):
1. Opening of my rice stores (doing great, more than I expected)
2. Processing my rice harvests (harvest was good, the best so far, that we have to have lechon and "padasal" to offer thanks to the heavens, and to the souls of my ancestors for the bountiful harvest)
3. Milling rice ( a little complicated, broken rice has to be least as possible, I will learn)
4. House renovation (expensive, than I expected, and taking longer than I planned, hay....)
5. Budget and cash flow are in the doldrums, hehehe. But I will manage.
I guess, I will be able to post on this blog more often in the next few weeks. I need to spend time on "Ka Pepe", among other income streams, to cushion my current expenses.
Ito lang muna.