Thursday, April 03, 2008

What is up?

I am still jobless. Its been years now. It is an experiment, and its my choice (daw, kuno).

My expenses are growing and growing monthly. But I am not complaining. I can manage.

My businesses are growing, irritants are many, and pressure is mounting (whatever this word means). But I am the Boss....I say I'll rest when I wanted to.


I am currently remodeling the house.

I have been invited as a Guest Speaker in a Graduation (Elementary School). I declined, too busy. Hay...

Been invited as Ninong in a wedding (I am not that old). I tried to decline, but can't. Hay...

The pressure right now is I am seeking the biggest loan in my life ever, and putting the largest collateral ever, for a business. When I go into a new business I do not make a business plan nor a feasibility study. I go by the gut. I can sense if it is going to work or not.

The loan will be spent on constructing a warehouse, buying a truck, and as working capital for rice buying, milling and retailing. I just created two rice retailer stores, just got my NFA permit, and rice shipment from my farm (and other farmers) will arrive on April 10th. It is the opening date of the stores.


I am afraid that I will fail. I sometimes think, I'll just keep the money in the bank or not get a loan at all. What if the business will not work out as I expected?

I am afraid, but I have to try. Total andyan naman si Ka Pepe - ala na lang tulugan, hehehe.