Monday, November 26, 2007

When Shopping for MP3 or Ipod

It’s shopping time… again. Christmas is just 28 days away. Now don’t just buy, go to Savebuckets first, and compare products, specs, and prices. Savebuckets is a website where you can compare prices. For example, if you are planning to buy MP3 players, you can find dozens of MP3 players sorted according to the best price that you can get. Here is an example:

Sandisk Sansa e200 Series Silicone White Case for £2.49
MPMAN MPFUB63 MP3 Player for £3.96
256MB Eltax Tangent JukeBox MP3 Player (11217) for £4.99

And after a dozens more of the same product, you will see more:

Marware Sport Grip For iPod Touch – Clear for £7.99

All these come with specs and photos, so you know what you are buying. Visit Savebuckets first before click, buy, and save money.