Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Congratulations President Fidel V. Ramos

On the news today from PDI:

Ramos was at the University of the Philippines-Los Baños to receive a special award given by the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA).

On his award, organizers said:

“If there is a single person in Philippine history who really did a great job in starting broadening the base of development in this country, it is this guy (Ramos), by liberalizing access to technology -- particularly telephone, airlines, interisland shipping, banks,” Balisacan told the Inquirer.


If my memory serves me right:

1. Before he became President we used to have 8 hours a day of brownout in Metro Manila. He solved it by searching investors all over the world - more than 20 B dollars was invested to provide electricity to the country.

2. As a result, we graduated from a major exporter of copra to electronics.

3. I remember, it would take anyone 5 years to get a PLDT line (even with party line) and 25 thousand pesos. After FVRs liberalization, we can now get a phone in a few days, at unmentionable cost.And there goes, Smart, Globe, Sun etc.

4. There was only PAL, and the fare was astronomical - only the rich can afford it. After he liberalized it, came Cebu Pacific, Grand Air, Air Philippines, Spirit etc. that prices, at one time, went down to less than a thousand.

5. Finally, as a community development worker, at the time of his Presidency, I was travelling weekly in different parts of the country. I have personally observed arm-to-market-roads, irrigation networks, rural electrification, seaports, city expressways, and mass-transit systems (the now MRT in EDSA) among his achievements.

6. It was also the time: Law and Order reigned in the land. During his Presidency a Congressman (de Guzman , I think) went to jail, Jalosjos went to Jail, the son of a Senator went to Jail, an Actor (Robin) went to jail, Governors, Mayors etc. people who violated the law. During his time, no one was above the law.

I can mention more and more; such as improvement in the educational system etc. But it would take pages.

Congratulations FVR.