Thursday, November 15, 2007

Obtained a loan

The past few days I had been busy. It was harvest time and I started collecting "rentals" from the land on my "Agri-Financing" business. Most have paid, apart from a few clients who still have to do their harvesting.

Also, I applied for a 6 figure loan from my usual agency, but then, this time it was more complicated than before. Requirements and paper work are too much, I almost gave up, hehehe. But then, I needed the loan to continue my on-going businesses, and to fulfill my target "asset acquisitions" for 2007, hay.....

Hopely, the loan will be released next week, and I can get on with my life and businesses. Only this time I also have to be careful, and more foresighted, whatever that means. I have to be careful budgeting the money - as lending institutions, as of today, are quite difficult. All I am saying is, I really have to stay liquid financially until around March next year.

Life is like that! Expect the unexpected, or else....

This is all for now.