Friday, November 16, 2007

Roulette Ebook

Since I started earning money from the internet through blogging, I have been coming up with various niche sites hoping to cash in the boom, whatever that means. I also frequented the DP Forum. In the forum, someone was selling an ebook, with a marketing pitch that says: win money from internet casinos by roulette – guaranteed; you can never lose, if you just follow the rules. I believe that in gambling, this is no certainty, it is a bet against the odds, and if you are lucky, you win, if not, you lose.

However, the guide really showed that there is a way to gamble in roulette without losing – really! The stats he showed convinced me, and the approach he presented was, I guess, in my opinion, scientific and mathematically convincing. The number one rule is that, you deposit your play money with a Casino that would match it with free money. After playing sometime, you withdraw your deposit, and just play with the Casino money, “using his never lose guide.” He says he had been winning 2K per week!

I actually, haven’t tried any online casino yet. And the “guaranteed winning method in the roulette ebook” some how is prodding me to try online casino, that is, to try my luck. But before I jump, I must look for a site that provides reviews of various casinos on the internet.

Good thing is, there is It is the best online casino review site in the web; the site allows you to read reviews of many online casinos which enable you to select the best casinos to play and make good money.

Now, hmmm, let me select which one, that is, if ever I decided to try my luck.