Friday, October 26, 2007

GMA should resign or be impeach!

If you have been following this blog since I started blogging, you very well know that I supported on some of my post GMA and her administration. I actually supported her since she assumed the Presidency.

Today, with the Erap Pardon approved. I withdraw my support. Her actions shows that:

1. The moral decay of the country, she is corrupt, and so was Erap. They are the same, and the people do not deserve rotten leadership. We deserve something better!

2. The pardon was a mockery of the Philippines justice system. Erap was convicted of plunder a few days ago. The trial was so dramatic that we, the "little people" felt justice was served. We were happy that plunder and corruption would be punished. And look what the idiot did.... I protest!

3. What about the witnesses who where idealist, who suffered, who had to hide, so justice is served? Sayang lang....can they encourage people, next time around, to report and serve as witnesses, when the powerful people, when convicted, gets clemency? Papaano kong balikan sila? I pity Clarissa Ocampo, hay...may GOD save her.

4. Whatever morality, credibility that this administration has...are now gone.

GMA resign.

JDV please support the move to impeach GMA.