Friday, October 26, 2007

Forecast: GMA will fall from power in 3 to 6 months

The Pardon did it.

GMA will be booted out of Malacanang within 6 months. The atmosphere today is similar when the exposes' on Belle Shares during Erap's Presidency started. The rottenness of this administration is now exposed. The people know they had been had.

In the coming weeks and months more evidences of corruption, moral bankruptcy, immorality of this administration will be exposed.

I, for one reached my limit with the "pardon". Many reached their limits with the ZTE scandal, many others reached their's with the Malacanang pay-offs. This administration is now a goner. I won't place my bets on her anylonger.

I now wish we have another EDSA.

Tanay is now vacant and should be ready by then for a new occupant. Who? You're guess is good as mine. Let us see her there. Nope...let us push her there.