Friday, November 02, 2007

Hectic days

I been busy lately...mostly in my farm. Its harvest time and so I have been processing the payments of my lenders for the past few days. All proceeds will go.. to pay my loans. After these series of payments; and by 3rd week of November, I will get another loan, again, from my lender. This loaned amount will serve as capital for my re-lending (my Agri-Lending Business). Hehehe. Yup...that's what I do, I seek loans somewhere else, and loan it to somebody else. My gain is the interest differential between the source of my loan and interest I charge my clients.I earn somewhere in between. I know its kind of difficult and risky - thus I have to take the necessary precautions: pirma, garantiya, notaryo, etc.


Been to Western Union to cash my adsense today, the exchange rate was 43.75. It is pretty good. I also opened, last week, an Eon account with Union Bank, so that I can apply for expanded use with Paypal. I have already max out the 100 dollars sending limit for unverified users. Hopely, by next week, I will be verified.


On forex front, the single European currency in late-day deals surged to $1.4528, its best showing since its creation in 1999.

While the Canadians, must be happy because the Canadian dollar also hit a record against the greenback, jumping to US$1.0723. Yup, the Canadian dollar can now buy more than a US dollar, hehehe. Amazing!

The price of gold rose to $796.50 per ounce. And going up, I guess.

What about the Peso? It is a present at 43.85. And getting stronger.

Dito muna.