Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Check it out before putting your money online

Way back, when I was younger, in 1999; I lived for a few months, actually, close to a year, in the US of A. One of my childhood friends, who were living in Chicago (I was based in Chicago for a Certificate Program with the University of Illinois – Chicago) invited me for a trip – we flew to Las Vegas. We stayed at Holiday Inn, and of course I tried the Casinos – first time! I do not know yet how to gamble, hehehe. I bet on Roulette 50 dollars, it successively won twice. To make the story short I got addicted. Since then, even in the Philippines, visiting PAGCOR outlets in Hotels had been my past time until I decided to move to an island here in the Visayas, where no PACGOR outlet is available, hehehe.

But still there is no escape. The internet opened many opportunities including casinos on line. So, if ever, you decide to play, I suggest you visit first online casinos for a review of the various websites for free. This website employs certain guidelines to rank each site, and they have top ten sites list based on a criteria. You can also check the bonus, payout, rating, and review of each site. So, before putting your money on line, check them out first. Better safe, than sorry.