Monday, September 03, 2007

Sequel to my Self Assessment Post

Now that I have compared my situation in 2005, and 2007, what are my plans?

Until December 2007:

1. Buy 2 more Multicabs and Franchises; also hire two more drivers.
2. Infuse capital to my agri-lending business to further increase palay interest by at least 200 sacks per year. Succeeded in increasing the interest by 200 sacks last May.
3. Buy 1 more lot.

Capital outlay for the above three targets is 600K.

From January 2008- June 2008:

1. Plan to construct 3 to 5 apartment units on my acquired lots. Although construction will not start until the summer of 2009.
2. Study the transport business using Vans or Buses***. Make a plan/feasibility study.
3. Infuse more capital on my agri-lending.

***I started with MCH (tricycle with sidecars in 2004), then move to Multicabs (2007), and hopefully would be able to move to Van and Buses (2009).

Being a new businessman, my greatest challenge thus far is cash flow management (liquidity), it is difficult in the sense that there are many unforeseen expenses along the way.

This is all for now. I am going out to see the eclipse.