Monday, September 03, 2007

How much do I earn from blogging?

Magkano ba talaga ang income ko from blogging?

Expenses (monthly) 900.00 pesos. This is my Bayantel Internet connection. I need the internet to blog, read the news, check my email, search, etc. So, it is not really a total expense solely for my blogging activites.I do not pay my domain and hosting - I decided to ride free on blogger.

So, how much is it, and where are they coming from?

This is for the month of August:

Adsense: 290.00 dollars
Linkworth, links and paid posting: 80 dollars
Smorty: 66 dollars
TLA: 12 dollars
Loudlaunch: 20 dollars
Other links : 65 dollars
Kontera: 27 dollars

For a total of 560 dollars or 25K pesos. We all know how much and what 25K can buy in the province. Nuf said.

PS: Never spend more than what you earn.