Saturday, July 07, 2007

A good sign for Pampanga

On the news from the PDI: A special committee of former seminarians created by Pampanga Governor Eddie Panlilio has collected more than P5 million in sand taxes in the first five days that the Catholic priest has been in office.

The P5-million collection is 17.18 percent of the P29.1 million generated by the administration of former Governor Mark Lapid for the whole of 2006, an Inquirer review of capitol reports on quarry income showed.

If I am doing my Math right, a year is 365 days, now even if we ignore the word "more than" in the first paragraph, this implies that the possible income for quarrying would have been 365 million a year. Right?

Now, if the former administration of Pampanga only reported 29 million for 2006, where did the 335 million go? It is a big amount!

This is just a speculation, we do not know whether the news report is accurate, nor we know the circumstances in Pampanga back in 2006. But certainly this figure - 335 million - speaks volumes and merits an investigation.

Now guys, and gals, and dear OFWs, I urge you to take a minute or two to visit this site:, fill up the complaint form and send.

We have to help stop corruption in the country. We have to be involved. And your help would be greatly appreciated by Pinoys all over. Let us see what happens....who knows the Ombudsman, might conduct the investigation themselves. Or, if not, we can write the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee to investigate this matter.