Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Digital Cameras

Blogging and digital cameras are twin requirements, if you want to succeed in your blogging career, particularly if your blog niche is about traveling, tourist destinations, and photography among other niches that would require a very good camera.

When it comes to cameras, the trend nowadays is digital and mega pixels. Changes, new types and different/new brand of digital cameras are coming out in the market almost every week - that we the consumers have difficulty making our minds up, what and which to buy.

So where else do we go if we want a second opinion? We look for a review site of these cameras before we take a jump of buying them; we tap our key boards and search the internet. One site we should go to is TestFreaks, this site would tell us about the price, the performance, the megapixels, size, optics and many more. Here is the link to this site.