Monday, July 09, 2007

A coop of blogs

I read todays post of Robs make-money-fast-with-package-deals. I like the idea, certainly (probably) a network or a cooperative of blogs marketed as a package would fetch a higher value. This is done by selling a package where a website owner/company can post a text link, a blog entry, or any other form of ad across the network or coop of blogs. He is currently marketing a group of 8 blogs.

I suggest he recruit more, say form a coop of 25 or 50 blogs, categorized into PRs. Say a group of 25 PR3 blogs for 200 dollars. He can pay each blog 5 dollars for every post which would cost 125, and the coop can keep the 75 for SEO, hosting, domain etc. However, if he organized it into a single proprietor enterprise, he can keep the 75 to himself. Either way, I would be glad to join his group if he asked me. I Have 1 PR2 blog, 3 PR3 blogs, and 1 PR4.

This idea can be tested by asking people in Digital Point or in V7N.

A better idea I guess, is.. would anyone care to join me to form a cooperative of blogs?