Thursday, May 31, 2007

Manny Pangilinan for President

I think, I like this idea. If the ball is started to roll now maybe something will come out of this, who knows...

For 2010, Manny Pangilinan is the name of our presidential candidate. The time is ripe for us to start the ball rolling in this direction.

But unless there is a massive, spirited, lively and sustained civic movement to draft the top honcho of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., neither heaven nor earth will succeed in persuading Pangilinan to enter the Philippines’ political snake pit. Indeed, it would be a heroic sacrifice for Pangilinan to make such a move.

There is an old saying: “War is too important to be left to the generals.” The war on corruption and on economic stagnation is too serious and grave even for a brilliant five-star general. The general repair of our damaged culture requires a genius to solve, and a monumental effort to re-enforce forgotten values and decency among our people.

To be realistic and practical in a political endeavor, this civic campaign or movement should go hand in hand with honest and sincere solicitation and contribution of funds. As an enthusiastic, determined and lowly advocate of this important movement, I will try my best to raise P30,000 and deposit the amount in a bank chosen by the movement.

There should be public disclosure of the total amount of funds raised and expenses should be limited as required by law. The excess funds, if any, from such a most rewarding electoral campaign should be donated to the Gawad Kalinga and other noteworthy institutions.

Perhaps, by that time “our minds will be eased from the weariness of toil by the thought that our goal is our people’s happiness,” to quote the late President Manuel Roxas.

The element of time is precious. Before we realize it, 2010 will just be around the corner. Let’s act before it’s too late. Let us pray for God’s bountiful blessings!

NAPOLEON “BILLY” VELOSO ABUEVA, national artist, 1 Gabriela Silang St., Tierra Verde, Culiat, Quezon City