Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Overseas workers

Just observations...

We Pinoys love whining, we whine even when there's just droplets of rain, we whine when it's too hot, we whine when it's cold, even the opposition when they sweeped the Senate race whined that they were being cheated. Some voters in the Visayas whined that they just got 1000 pesos during the last elections, some whined that they just got 30 pesos etc. When the countrys' economic indicators are up, we whined, when its down we also whined, etc. etc. All I am saying is... we just love whining! hahahaha. We will whine about everything and anything.

Actually, my post today is about the trends in overseas workers that I have observed in the news over the past several months. And I am sure Pinoys will whine about these sooner or later. These are:

1. The Chinese overseas workers are invading the Middle East and Africa in numerous numbers. Soon they will be competing with our OFWs on Nursing, Engineering, and DH, among other jobs.

2. The Japanese are joining, and will become more aggressive in the years ahead in looking for overseas jobs. On the news (from IHT):

One of the hottest exports from Japan these days is not video games or eco-friendly cars. It is engineers.

As the once-vaunted Japanese electronics industry has downsized to survive global competition, it has inadvertently set off a brain drain. Thousands of Japanese engineers and other industry professionals have gone to Taiwan, South Korea and China to seek work at aggressive, fast-growing companies on the prowl for access to Japanese technological skills.

3. Most of the African countries will become strong competitors on low paying overseas jobs in the years ahead.

But, ...but

a. Pinoy DH will remain the most expensive in the international markets for many years.

b. Pinoy (at least in ASEAN) will remain on top when it comes to Home-based internet jobs such as transcription, contact (call center), and even blogging!

c. Even if Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Engineers will join the global migration for jobs, Pinoys engineers will still have an advantage.

d. Pinoy overseas entertainers will still dominate their niche particularly in the Middle east and Japan.

So? wala lang. I guess the government should take these trends into account in their policy making efforts.