Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I tried going into business years back. Two failed (piggery and prawn farming), the rest were succesfull (in my terms), hehehe i.e. profits were earned and the money invested were recovered.

A few of my learnings over these years are (for OFWs):

1. You must learn how to juggle time, money, and people. Patience.

2. Black and white i.e. put eveything on paper/record. Have them notarized, hehehe.

3. Never ever extend loan without guarantees. When giving out loan, dont provide a thousand, give them tens of thousands - and get an appropriate guarantee! Land, house and lot, farms, or an existing business are desirable.If they are your relatives, and you are an OFW, and you loaned them some money without guarantees, consider the loaned amount a donation.hehehe.

4. When you come home and you have tons of money - pretend that you don't have them, hehehe. Let your money sleep for months in banks - until good and cheap oppurtunities present themselves.

5. When you go into business, always be creative, and watch your market, and your competitor constantly.

6. And once you learned, and have thought your money to do the working for you. I can guarantee that no matter how much you got - you will always be out of capital. Seek financing somewhere else.

7. Seek your people's knowledge - they, most of the time, know more about the business than you!

8. Be kind to your people. And give to charities.


May...are full of fiestas. I have been to fiestas almost everyday for the past few days. Just got too many invitations from birthdays, weddings, beach parties, and fiestas hehehe to ignore. But as always, profits and business oppurtunities can be found even during these events, hehehe. My head is full of "profits" for the past few months now, hehehehe.

I am excited by all the potential and financial oppurtunities in the years ahead.

Hay...... good thing is, I like what I am doing now, and I am the Boss, hehehe.

Do I have regrets? Of course! and it is SANA NOON KO PA SINIMULAN MAGNEGOSYO.