Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Ang hirap maghanap ng pera.

I have been busy the past few days looking and raising capital. Pagkatapos kong madeliver ng funds last week for my new acquisition, I have two more clients waiting (worth 70K). Hirap tumangi, when you know you will earn approximately 50% a year from the investment. What to do?


Another is, I need to raise more than 100K to purchase a bakeshop! Hahahaha. I will be rationing buns, hopia, macaroons, cakes, slice bread to stores and canteens soon; provided I raise the more than 100K pesoses before May 21. Not to mention the two mortgage clients above! Hay...gipit na gipit ako ngayon. All are prepared, the master baker, oven, delivery plans etc. But then, I am not sure if i can raise the capital on May 21. If I can't, I have to divert the funds, to something else. I just hate letting money sleep without it earning cents on a daily basis. Let us see.


I got my Adsense via DHL the other day. It was in five figures in pesoses, hehehe. More than enough to pay the bills.


Harvest time is on, so I am currently recieving the mortgage payments from clients almost every other day. The balance sheet is too green. And I am still screaming for additional capital. Hay....