Sunday, January 07, 2007

Senatorial Candidates

Elections for May 2007 is just a few months away, and our politicians are already gearing towards this date. Now this post, will cover my choices based on the prospective lists of candidates provided by both the opposition and the administration.

This selection is based on the perfomances of these politicans over the years.

OK, who are they?

The opposition based on media reports will probably field the following:

1. Nikki Coseteng (I will think about her, she had her time)
2. Amina Rasul ( I will not vote, she can't win)
3. JV Ejercito ( I will not vote, too many Estrada in the Senate)
4. Jinggoy Estrada ( I will not vote, what laws will he make?)
5. Francis Escudero ( I will vote!)
6. Ernesto Herrera (I will vote! Past performance was good, a labor guy).
7. Tito Sotto ( Nah!)
8. John Osmena ( Maybe, but he is in too politics for too long, lack of fresh ideas)
9. Loren Legarda ( Probably, I will think about her)
10. Aquilino Pimentel III ( Probably...)
11. Alan Peter Cayetano ( A very young trapo..has potential of becoming a monster.. I will not vote)

With the possible inclusion of:

1. Joker Arroyo ( I will vote)
2. Ralph Recto ( I will vote)
3. Francis Pangilinan ( I will vote)
4. Manuel Villar ( I will vote)

While the administration will field the following:

1. Mike Defensor (I will vote)
2. Robert Ace Barbers (I dunno)
3. Juan Miguel Zubiri (I will vote)
4. Prospero Nograles (I dunno)
5. Rolando Andaya (I dunno)
6. Prospero Pichay (I dunno)
7. Ace Durano (I dunno)
8. Angelo Reyes (I will vote)
9. Mike Enriquez (nah!)
10. Korina Sanchez (nah!)
11. Margarito Teves ( I will vote)

With the possible inclusion of the following:

1. Joker Arroyo
2. Ralph Recto
3. Francis Pangilinan
4. Manuel Villar

So my choices and bets are:

1. Francis Escudero
2. Ernesto Herrera
3. John Osmena
4. Loren Legarda
5. Joker Arroyo
6. Ralph Recto
7. Francis Pangilinan
8. Manuel Villar
9. Mike Defensor
10. Juan Miguel Zubiri
11. Angelo Reyes
12. Margarito Teves

I will re-visit this post after May 11, to determine the score, I am wondering what is the chance of getting 12/12? Let us see.