Friday, January 12, 2007

Philippine Hospitality

Ok..the coming out party of Cebu as the new center of some sort not only in the Philippines, but in Asean – the Asean Summit is on going.

And how do we welcome our guests and friends?

1. As always, our misguided nationalists are trumpheting again about US imperialism! The US-Philippines relations had seen its worst times during the GMA Presidency, remember (a) de la Cruz.. and Bush was very upset with GMAs decision to pull out our troops in Iraq, (b) Smith’s unfair decision, and (c) now FVR calling for a review of the VFA.

2. As always, our misguided nationalists are greetings our visitors with protests. It seems that this is all what they know to do, and they will always do whatever the issue is, and whoever is involve, so they can get a media mileage…which ABSCBN, the ever hungry station for ratings, is happy to accommodate. Very disgusting.

3. What do they want? Are they not happy that Cebu is the host? The Cebu somehow will be put in map of “centers”? that a new Convention Center had been constructed, that the streets of Cebu were cleaned and lighted, that Cebu is trying hard to put its best foot, ever, forward?

4. The Cebuanos are working hard and trying their best to be the ideal host, and all our misguided nationalists can do is to spoil it! Hay…..

And again, how do we welcome our guests?

1. The MILF members bomb three cities in Mindanao. KSP!

2. Of course the MILF leadership denied this, which shows that the MILF leadership in Mindanao is not in control of its members.

3. What is the use of the peace process, with a group that is loose, and whose membership is out of control? What are these old “fake” leaders’ real interests in the peace process? Is it peace or something else?

4. As I said, our Cebuano brothers are working hard and are trying their best to be the ideal host, and all our Muslims brothers can do is spoil it! Hay….

The Cebuanos’and our country needs our help! Common guys….be sensible and help us make the summit a success.