Saturday, December 16, 2006

Was it really? What happened to chacha?

People rejected ChaCha not because:

1. They are afraid of change
2. They are afraid of jobs and investments
3. Of the substance and need for charter change
4. They are afraid to look at the future, the need for system change, and the need to compete with our ASEAN neighbors

People rejected it because of:

1. Media hype (ABS-CBN, Meralco etc. would lose with chacha)
2. People were personality focused - instead of issues
3. People do not care about need and substance of Chacha, they care more about what is Boy Abunda's or Kris Aquino's opinion about chacha
4. Church influence(INK would lose power with chacha, Catholic church influence will be reduced etc.)
5. Senators greed for power, and their respective dreams to be Presidents.
6. The trapos care more for media coverage and grandstanding - than real service and the interests of Juan.

Indeed chacha was lost because of the maggots.