Monday, December 18, 2006

Palusot sa low turn out ng Chacha Rally

Henrietta de Villa said the Arroyo administration spread word that provocateurs might sow violence in the rally, which "dissuaded some people" from participating in the rally.

Hehehehe...talagang low turn out! When I was in college I joined several rallies, and alerts for dispersal, violence etc. were part of the "left" tactics to dramatise rallies and to inculcate in the minds of ralliest the idea of "danger" and "fear" - to create the bonds of members, whatever that means.

De Villa said she was told by El Shaddai leader Brother Mike Velarde that some of his members were blocked by police at some roads leading to Luneta.

Again, hehehehe, his members are after the religion not politics! He should stop politicizing El Shaddai or else one day his members will abandon him. This man is treating his members "blind", and thinks they will follow his bidding on anything. Hindi po! nagiisip din po ang miyembro mo! And like me, they are tired of politics and rallies. What else is new?

Another factor was the change in schedule from the original rally date of Friday to Sunday, said Quitorio.

Well...if it was Friday, the more that few people would attend that rally......... that was why the organizers move it to a Sunday hoping that since people are going to Church on Sundays, they will get more rally participants.

They should accept it. People are feed up of too much politics and rallies.

Tama na excuses! Tama palusot! Talagang ang 500T target nyo only raised 10T.