Saturday, December 16, 2006

The maggots are out

Maggots are out.

Inis na inis ako with what is happening in the country today. I watch ANC yesterday, and the reporter was implying huge numbers of protesters in Makati..then when asked how many....she answered around 60 people! Hay....

But who are the maggots that I am talking about?

Maggots are the institutions and people that are continously preying on the ignorance and poverty of our people. The old structures that resists change for fear of losing power and clout. The decaying structures that causes our society to continously rot. Who and what are they?

1. The church, El Shaddai,INC, JIL etc. For El Shaddai " itaas nyo anuman ang hawak niyo ngayon at ipasa sa harapan, at yan ay ibabalik sa inyo 99 times" ang galing ng raket! JIL's Villanuevas has gotten rich from corrupting the souls of the poor..hay. The Catholic church who nevers understands "separation of Church and State" but understands rapists and pedophile priests. I guess it is about time that an effort be made to expose the rotteness of the Catholic Church to teach them a lesson.....that some groups and people are feed up with their pakialamero role!

I am a Catholic, but I do not agree with the role these Bishops are playing in Philippine politics. Sana kong gusto nilang ma molitika, they should resign from priesthood, and become politicians. I am now confused between the dirty politicians, and priests, bishops....Today....they all look and feel the same. They are shaming the Catholic Church, and its followers! hay....

2. Erap supporters and trapos......who would try to magnify everything to get them press coverage. All I can see from the faces of these guys are.....greed! The Senators who only think about their positions, their pork barrels, politiking and plot..iking.

3. The "communist terrorists" who never get tired to rally everytime there is an opportunity. The Bayan Muna et al. who hates progress...and change for fear of losing support for their idiotic causes. Who are living in fantasy land..and dreaming that maybe a a few years from now they will have victory and turn the country...into an Stalinist Society.

Hay.....for me these are some of the Maggots in our society that we should eradicate, or at least change.


The issue is: are we willing, and do we what to correct the flaws of our constitution so that we can at least:

1. Move forward at a faster rate.
2. Attract more investments and create more jobs.
3. Have political stability, and reduce too much politics in every thing. To mention a few.


Apparently, greed, fear of change, and institutional and personal interests that Chacha is finally shelved.

I wonder who's victory is this? The Church? El Shaddai? or Villanuevas?Definitely..the Senators, the Erap rah rah boys for the media mileage, and the "left" for various reasons.

What about Juan de la Cruz, the poor Pinoy on the street? Was it really good for him?