Monday, December 11, 2006 last, and typhoon Reming

DOHA, QATAR -- The Philippines' Antonio Gabica beat compatriot Jeffrey de Luna 11-7 to win the Asian Games men's 9 ball pool gold medal here on Monday. Taiwan's Yang Ching Shun took bronze.

This is just right...fitted....a destiny, I mean.... we dare claim it is our right to have gotten the Gold and Silver on this event! Why?.......because were simply the best in this game in the world.


I was not able to update my blogs the past few days because of the Typhoon Seniang. We (my place) were right in the eye of the storm and so we were hit pretty badly. Trees fell, light post fell, houses got blown off, etc. So it is time to do my usual "charity work". Many parts of the city as of today are still running on generators.

On the right panel of this Blog is a donation box. A dollar donated will be greatly appreciated, and will be spent appropriately specially on needy kids, and families in my community this Christmas. Thank you.