Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Subic Rape Case, Nicole, and the Peso

Subic rape case. There...Smith got 40 years! I am a Filipino, and I am not anti American, whatsoever. But justice, should be justice irregardless of race, creed and color. But what if politics enters the scene? Would justice still be serve right?

What I mean is....what was Nicole thinking? She was in Subic-Olongapo, and she went into a bar with an American GI she barely knew, she got drunk, and she cried rape!

You know what I think? The fault of Smith et al., was dumping her on the roadside after being finished with her. I am sure the events would have turned out differently if only these guys acted more gentlemanly, that is, after the "rape" brought her back to the bar, treated her like a Lady, and if she was really drunk, brought her to a Hotel and let her sleep..and the following day ordered here a nice breakfast, some flowers and given her some mullah. I am sure there would be no rape case filed, and no 40 years in jail.

These guys have to learn how to be more gentleman and civilized. Dumping her on a roadside...barely able to put her pants back on was in bad taste! That's what Smith paid for - 40 years. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (tama ba to!).

A few question I would want to ask Nicole:

1. Would she got out to the bar if she knew the man was a taxi driver or pedicab driver? NO? Why?

2. She knew, he was an Amrican GI in Subic, obviously, would she go out with him to the bar? YES, why?

I mean I have lived too long in the Philippines...and you know what I mean.

My question then is: was justice served right? or was Smith a victim?


The Pesos today is at 49.58, still overvalued. The Central Bank, must be behind this exchange rate. The real value of the Peso should be around 45.00 to dollar, but of course, the Central Bank would not want to erode the income of our OFWs - so it is a delicate balance. But if you know that the real value of the Peso should be around 45, would park your money in dollars?
But my adsense check (in pesos) this month was converted by Google at 49.12. Not that I am complaining about the exchange rate by Google. I only want to point out that the pesos is probably valued appropriately overseas than here in the country. hehehe.