Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sequel to my previous post

On pork barrels, I read on Jarius Bondoc's column today how disgusting our law makers are becoming, hehehe.
Here's a part of his column:

GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
The Philippine Star 09/20/2006

Legislators know it is immoral and illegal for them to increase their own pay. But look what they’re doing. Given a 2007 budget plan with pork barrel allotments at "only" P20 million per congressman and P60 million per senator, Rep. Joey Salceda, as head of the House appropriations committee, snorts, "No problem, we’ll raise everything to P70 million and P200 million, respectively."

Just like that. No compunction, no attempt to justify the more than tripling of their perks, not even a promise in return to triple their service to the people. Only plain greed, from an assumption that because they’re in power, they can do anything they please – including divvying up public money among themselves.

O...diba....kailan kaya sila magbabago?

I said this time the budget will pass. (1) Election time is coming, (2) they need their pork barrels, and their "cuts", (3) may dad dag pa!
Di na naawa sa bayan! hay.....