Friday, September 15, 2006

National Budget

You know what? I am sure the National Budget will be passed by both Houses of Congress this year. This is despite their failure to pass the budget for the past two years.


Hehehehe, May 2007 is election time. All our politicians would need money in the form of pork barrels (including their % cut) to win the elections. It is their interests now that is at stake. Kaya ipapasa yan. I can bet a peso on that, hehehe.

In the previous years, what was at stake was the country’s poor (who cares about the poor?), the country’s economy (who cares about the economy?), our social services (who cares?). All that was in their mind, particularly the Senate was to make sure that the PGMA administration would suffer, so no budget was passed. O diba? But this time, the game shifted to personal…election eh….kaya….they have no choice but to pass the budget or else.