Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ano balita?

It’s been a long time since I visited this blog. It’s also been days since I checked my email, and read the news online. This all means that I never had any access to the internet during the past many days. Why? Well I have been on vacation….savoring the moments to be with loved ones, family, and friends. Now that my vacation days are starting to be boring….I am back. Hehehehe.

When I was in Al Khobar, all I wanted to do was go on vacation. When the days of pasalubong, visits from friends, and when the finances starts to dry up…I feel that I need to go back to work. So, log to the internet and start blogging again, hehehe.

Another news.

I have been to PNB the other day to make a telegraphic transfer to my forex trading account. Well..the AMLL hit me…I was subjected to interview: what is currency trading blah blah. I told myself…..these people are working in banks, and they don’t have any idea what is forex trading. I suspected they were afraid to do my transfer because of the AMLL. Ano ba yan.

I am going into this venture because it is the best of arrangements. I don’t have a Boss, I work in my house with just my computer and internet; and my bank visits from time to time, and the prospective income is very lucrative if you know what you are doing. So if my friends ask me what is my job, I have three options to tell them: (1) I don’t have a job, (2) I am a forex trader, and to make it sounds more dramatic, (3) I am a financial investor/strategist. O diba? Hehehe.

Well start trading again on Monday.