Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I can't recall advertising any personal/private needs on the internet, besides I still have good flag ceremonies going every early morning, yet every time I open my email, I always recieve spam that reads:

-Increase Your Sexual Desire and Sperm volume by 500%
-Longer orgasms - The longest most intense orgasms of your life
-Rock hard erections - Erections like steel
-Ejaculate like a porn star - Stronger ejaculation
-Multiple orgasms - Cum again and again
-M is The Newest and The Safest Way of Pharmacy
-100% Natural and No Side Effects - in contrast to well-known brands.
-Experience three times longer orgasms
-World Wide shipping within 24 hours

Hahahaha. Stir.......hehehehe.

Masubukan kaya ano?