Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Going shopping

I am going shopping on Thursday and Friday. My targets are:

1 Merrell Shoes (dagdag to my collection of 7 shoes)
2 levis pants
Various medicines (medicine here is way way cheaper than in the Philippines)
1 200 ml Givenchy
1 200 ml Hugo Boss
1 CellPhone with Camera (trade in ko luma ko na nokia 7610)
3 Polo shirts
1 Laptop??? not sure
What else....pag iisipan pa, hehehe.

Lets see.


I went to see the Boss yesterday.

Me: Sir, I am going home.
Boss: Why? you've been here for only 7 months, your vacation is not up until August.
Me: I am going home.
Boss: Take your vacation on August, Ok?
Me: I am going home, (kulit, e, hehehe)
Boss: Kulit mo ah...yallah go!

Hehehehe. Time to shop.