Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Good Times

Keep the good times rolling.

Saudis and expats are happy, I am sure, with the recent 25% reduction on international and local calls. My housemate keeps all his Jawal cards since he arrived here for his second year (he arrived December 2005), and thus far he has used up cards worth 4,500 Riyals. With this cost reduction, he would have been able to save more than 1, 100 Riyals.

Another is, the King here, King Abdullah slashed the prices of gasoline and diesel. Previously, a liter of gasoline costs 0.90 riyal, but starting yesterday, its been reduced to 0.60 riyal or 7.00 pesos per liter! In our country, how much is it? 32.00 pesos per liter ba?

Hehehe. Ano kaya nuu, bili kaya ako dito ng maraming gasolina at ibenta ko dyan sa atin? Hehehe.