Friday, April 07, 2006

Do I need to say more?

In my earlier post, I said:

Actually, I am starting to believe that the root cause of poverty in the country is too much politics. Di kaya?

Day by day, I am starting to be convinced that this is so. Trapos is one of the primary root causes why the country is poor. What should we do with them?

In my earlier post, I predicted 35 to 40 pesos to the dollar. And in another post I quoted International Herald Tribune news saying:

Asian Development Bank sounds alarm on dollar: Asian countries need to prepare for a possible sharp fall in the dollar and should allow their currencies to appreciate collectively if that happens, a senior Asian Development Bank official said Tuesday.

And today, let me quote another news, these time from UBS as reported in the Philippine Star:

Swiss investment bank: Political noise stunting peso growth: One of the world’s top investment banks has warned that persistent political uncertainty in the Philippines is hampering private investment spending and further appreciation of the peso. Switzerland-based UBS, in its Asian Economic Monitor for April, said that political ‘noise’ is likely to keep appreciation pressure in check, in particular as we approach July when renewed impeachment proceedings against President Arroyo could be launched," UBS said in its report.

Hay.....our politicians talaga.


It's April 7, and May 1 is just a few days away. So what should we expect?

I expect the start of bad news, agitation of the poor culminating in May 1.

I expect a series of protest to, with intention to have themselves dispersed, so as to portray chaos, and to create a bad image of the police.

I expect exposes, not grounded on facts "dirty politics", in connivance with the media outlets that have business interests.

Simply....agitation, "agit" in the coming weeks, as a form of pre-mobilization, and pre-emotionalization of the poor in the metro.


What do we expect from dirty politics and trapos?

Maawa naman kayo sa poor.....the poor pinoys, hay....hehehe.