Monday, April 03, 2006


I will copy a news, in its entirety because is just a few words; hoping that Pinoys who would want to work here, would have a glimpse of the discipline/life most people would encounter working here in Saudi Arabia. This news being typical or not, is not my point, but as we are all aware - Pinoys' are very creative of how we do it. Ano ba pinagsasabi ko? Ewan, hehehe. Anyway, here it is (taken from Saudi Gazette):

35 Lashes For Dating
Monday, 03 April 2006

A BANGLADESHI national was sentenced to 35 lashes after he was found guilty of dating one of his female compatriots, reported Okaz newspaper.

Both of them worked in the same clinic. One night, the man sneaked into the clinic, after his working hours, in order to spend some time with the woman.

In the meantime, authorities received a tip-off and upon reaching the site found the man had already left. They managed to arrest him the next morning - SG.