Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Comparing the costs – Pinas pa rin ako!

I cannot do away with comparing the costs of various services here in Saudi, with my city in the Visayas.

My internet connection at the house I am staying in Al Khobar which I use on Thursdays, Fridays, and evenings of Saturdays till Wednesdays is costing me too much. DSL = 100, and telephone time is 300, which all in all runs to 400 SAR a month. This is equivalent to 5,500 pesos a month, and it’s not even a 24 hour connection, limited lang po to around 2 to 4 hours a day. In my city in the Visayas, you can have a Smart Wifi for only 800 pesos a month, 24-7 connection, kalas.

That’s 800 vs 5,500 (limited pa!). Kaya Pinas pa rin ako.

My telephone line in the Visayas costs me a flat rate of 400+ a month, and you can make local calls as many/long as you want for free. Here, you have to pay per minute costs of 0.03 SAR. See the difference – kaya Pinas pa rin ako. My montly bill here is 300 SAR which is 4500 pesos.

That’s 400 vs 4,500 (limited pa yan!). Kaya Pinas pa rin ako.

TV, my cable connection in the Visayas is a flat rate of 3,300 pesos a year, and you can surf all the channels that you want from HBO, CNN, to ANC etc. Dito? Well the pseudo Indian channel that we subscribed costs as 40 SAR a month, with only 2 to 3 useful channels (English), whose connection is so bad it not worth the money we pay – pero hayaan muna kasi alang iba eh. And our TFC, limited to ABSCBN channels costs us 76 SAR a month. All in all, 116 SAR which is equivalent to 1600 pesos a month, which translates to almost 20,000 pesos a year!

That’s 3,300 vs 20,000 (lalong limited pa yan!). Kaya Pinas pa rin ako.

Ikaw ba?