Friday, February 10, 2006

US/Yen Trade Update

Hehehehe, just happy. I did it again....hmmm. Yallah! hehehe. Shada! It's really nice to trade when you can predict the price movements. My ever reliable Fibo did its magic again! It even reach the lowest levels possible. Up my NAV again, for this month, by 100%. Wee..ha. I wish I am not just trading lunch money. If I started with 1000 dollars, I would be worth, more than 20K by now since December last year.....but what the heck. If its bound to happen, it will. patient. At the rate I am doing now....probably I'll be worth 100K by December, hehehe.

My bias for the next couple of days is long US/Yen., but not full leverage like in the past three days....don't wanna give some winnings back, hehehe.

Now....I am going home just to trade or not?


I think I found my niche in life, and be rich!!!

I guess...its home in a month or two. Well see.