Friday, February 10, 2006

Self Tagging

I visited Pinoy sa Ibayong Dagat, and I liked the self tagged he made on himself. So, I'll tag myself din. Makikigaya (alang magawa eh). But, instead of four, I'll make it five, for personal reasons.

5 jobs I had in my life (chronological)

a. education officer for a militant human rights NGO (Visayas)
b. community organizer for an environmental NGO (Manila)
c. marine biologist for an NGO (Visayas)
d. health officer for DOH (Visayas)
e. research scientist (Saudi Arabia)
Hopely by June 2006, my job will be Fulltime Forex Trader; and my employer will be Pinoy Mangagawa sa KSA Financials, Ltd. (Visayas)

5 movies I could watch over and over

a. Once upon a time in America
b. Once upon a time in China
c. Riddick
d. Notebook
e. Star Wars Series

5 places I've lived

a. Philippines
b. USA
c. Belgium
d. Canada
e. Saudi Arabia

5 tv shows I love to watch

a. cnn
b. anc
c. mbc4
d. friends
e. op…rah (hehe)

5 places I have been on vacation

a. montreal
b. las vegas
c. paris
d. amsterdam
e. hk

5 websites I visit daily

a. rasheeds
b. southpaw
c. catcath
d. inq7
e. nytimes

5 favorite foods

a. lechon
b. kinilaw
c. inihaw
d. shells
e. sinigang

5 places I'd rather be now

a. Visayas, in my home
b. Visayas, in my farm
c. Holiday Inn Malate
d. Waterfront Lahug Cebu
e. Boracay