Thursday, February 09, 2006


I blogged about the riots last year, remember? I said…it's something,….it's…. it’s a tip of a much larger problem, and a much larger trouble….hmmm. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

There was a visit … was not good. My guess, misplaced words were said, hehehe.

Probably as a response….
X of the east visited the giants.
Y of the west proclaimed they are addicts and something must be done.
X's of the east resurrected a drawing….that inflamed the masses.

(I said resurrected because..its was a few months old, and there exist many types, versions, recent and old. Some can be seen in paintings displayed in museums of Paris, Rome, US etc., some can be read in books, one is by Dante, was it the Divine Comedy?)

A test of First Amendment? Will it break? Cracks were observed, will it stand?

One thing's is sure…..the power…..the power waned…its waning day by day. Just look at the deficit! The drop, the flop…is soon. It's unevitable….something must be done!

Therefore, I foresee a massive trade in weapons in the coming months. That’s the only way.

I believe, the world is less safer now, than ever before.