Thursday, February 09, 2006

Something is in the air (2)

I blogged in December last year that there is something wrong in the air…..and I thought it was just a fart. Now, more than two months after that post, I can smell, still, that indeed, something is wrong. I do hope it's just a fart.

Winter in KSA.

I was here in 2003, and I remember, December until around first week of March – it was cold, winter eh.

In 2004, yup it was also cold, winter kasi.

In 2005, December – I waited for the whole month for the winter to sets in, I told myself, maybe it going to be late this year….there was a brief cold in January, 2nd week until third, week – and that's it? Last week, and this week, it was already warm. May Saudi office mate (he has a PhD somewhere), asked me yesterday if winter has already passed, and I told him yes…I think so. He replied that he doesn’t think so….cold will come next week or next month….but by then it will be March! He believes….winter is still coming…hehehehe, when? in summer? Hello….

Believe me guys….there is something wrong in the air….whatever it is….I no longer think, its just a fart.