Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Trading the Yen

If there’s a currency that I can predict, it’s the Yen, I mean the US/Yen. In the Asian session we can tell what are the mind set of the Asians are (take note, Pinoy ako!), the Japs, good people as they are – really follow the rules, hehehe, I mean if the conventional analysis is that – Yen will fall or strengthen according to Fibo analysis….then trust your trade that it will obey – as predicted – as it is within the rules, they will trade it accordingly….and me, the small ant than I am, will ride it, hehehe. As usual, if it goes down, it will go up, hehehe, ride, baby, ride hmmm (to the tune of rock baby rock).

In my December trade, I made over a 1000% on my tiny NAV, lost some 250% of that 1000% last January, but now back to excitement again – shorting the US/Yen. My TP is at 117.323, although according to my Fibo it will go down to around117.200 – but I just want to be sure I ‘ll have my TP so taking it at 323 (don’t want to bite what I can’t chew), hehehe, hoping my trailing stops wont get hit before it really reaches 117.323.

After this trade I will just watch, watch, bias for long, and wait again for another drop ( after a month or two?) hehehe, of course, of course.

Watch out! EU and US session…most of the time they defy gravity.