Saturday, February 04, 2006

On the news

I dont want to blog about death and dead people. On the news, around 70 people died on the Pasig stampede, more than a hundred wounded. Some people say it was because many people were desperate to win prices in the game show, indicating the desperation of our poor countrymen. Of course, as in anything and everything else, its easy to blame the government on this matter. But for me, the game show and the channel war should be blamed too. Wowowee is a desperate show - selling beggary and false hopes to our countrymen. It actually is institutionalizing the culture of beggary and dependency - look at how a few dollars are given away to dramatic needy people. It creates this impression and value to some people: lets not work, let us just fall in line for the game show, lets do theatherics and drama, beg, and probably win the jackpot. Its our ticket to wealth. So....there goes, everyone is falling in line.

Actually, the misery of our country, and the star studed politics we have is attributable to our media, not to mention the sensationalizing approach they use to destabilize our government. I wonder how much is the overall cost (losses) of underdevelopment of our country that can ba attributed to our greedy media?

Also in the news, a 30 year old woman jump in Manila Hotel, probably a suicide.

When you're going to be dead for how long? 10 years? 100? 1000? 1 billion years? 1 trillion, or 1 billion trillion years? I dont know, what I know is you're going to be dead for a long long time..right?

If you chose life? How long will you live, max? 70 years? that woman ended hers with just 30! Thirty years is how much of 1 billion trillion years? Goodness...she should not have done that, why did she hurry....when she has eternity to be dead.

For me, if you are planning to be dead. Help a 100, or a 1000 people, smile, smell the flowers, watch a 1000 movies, visit 5 countries. If not, fucked your brains out...hehehe. After you have done all these, I am sure, you will tell yourself...I love life, I dont wanna die.