Sunday, January 29, 2006

Whats up? wazzup..wazzup

It’s been sometimes, to be exact 13 days ago, since I updated this blog. What else there is? apart from excuses, hehehe. I have been terribly busy – meetings, data encoding, analyzing, and report writing. I also recently received a new set of SCUBA gears worth 160K pesoses – which of course is something to be happy about.

Anyway, I am also busy with my forex trading “hobby”. Profits are coming in steadily……which made me decide to shorten my work contract here until, maybe, April or May, this year, at the latest. My plan is: I will go home, settle down in my small island in the central Philippines; and just trade….I realized that with a fairly good capital, and trading really carefully, and waiting for right set-ups; it is possible to earn, perhaps, at least 100 to 200 dollars a day. Right in front of my computer monitor!

So, do I have the courage to be my own Boss? Lets…see…

I have been; actually, encourage getting the ball rolling on my trading plans…based on this particlar post in the Oanda Forum by Orlando Flyboy, whoever he maybe. Let me quote him:

“ Yes - that is true. Although, I think that many read the forum. Occasionally you will see someone with a low member # jump into a thread to say something - which makes me think they are reading some threads (only the interesting ones - others they skip as irrelevant to Forex - TIME WASTERS).

Maybe they don't have the time, because they are always busy - making sure their Yacht is serviced and ready to go, making travel arrangements (you really have to make sure the Lear is ready to go), and checking on the re-painting of the mansion down in West Palm Beach is on schedule, and THEN someone calls you to apologize that some ****** Rock Band has trashed the Penthouse Suite that you had for next weekend and wants to know if it is OK to change you the Penthouse Suite in their other Hotel, and you have to call everyone and tell them of the

So, they are too busy to post. Um, as you see, I post a lot - so, you can see that I certainly don't have any of those kind of nasty distractions to take up my time (yet).”

So what is up for me?

Let us see…hirap mag desisyon eh. Hehehe.

Its my life, its now or never…this is what I am listening hehehehe