Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Predator – Prey on the road.

We went to the field again yesterday. There were four of us including the Saudi driver who was in the wheel. What I noticed was his driving style; he was cruising at a minimum speed of 130 km/hr, and at the most 160 km/hour. All I can say to my self during the 1 hour and 30 minutes drive was….whew…were flying! We passed over a hundred cars in the first 45 minutes, and I can tell my BP was up for a few Hg during the whole drive. I was shy to tell the driver "suway suway" (trans: slowly), because I don’t want him to be upset and distracted. All I can do was buckle up…my o my.

He would try closing in at around three to two meters behind a car, if the guy in front of us wouldn't budge to the second lane. And once the car moved, he would laugh maniacally which would make me and the rest of us laugh as well. The episode, believe me, was infectious, but my laugh was tinged with fear. All, I can say was WTF, hehehehe. All this was at a speed of 130 km. It was a classic Predator – Prey on the road.

But that is not all; you think we were driving crazy? We served Prey to some cars driving much crazier than us, a few times. That is how driving is done here.

Our driver actually can tell what nationality is on the wheel of the cars, from a distance. The safest and most defensive drivers here are the Pinoys. The stupid ones are those that quack like something, and the craziest are the Saudis.

On the roads here, the Saudis are the predator and favored by law, while the other nationalities are the prey …well….of course, of course, what do you expect?