Monday, January 16, 2006

Concom Report: Ano ba yan

My few points why I don’t like it:

The concom members accorded the President the privilege to appoint 30 members to the parliament including the members of concom – and only for those members who approved no-el provisions. Kapal no?

It bribes incumbent officials with three years extension of their terms – alang eleksyon – kapal talaga!

Last time I heard is that democracy is by the people.

It seems these concom members and tentacles of GMA are legislating to:

1. accord themselves positions,

2. bribe themselves, their wives and relatives (example: Sergio Apostol*, who moved for reconsideration when no-el was voted NO by the commission, but with promised seat on the Parliament, changed vote to YES! ) three year terms without election,

3. rob the people their right to choose their leaders.

Now, what? Are they going to submit it to us for a referendum to validate and approved their blatant greed? To approve their perpetuation in power for life?


Sergio Apostol, member of concom will be appointed as assemblyman for his concom no-el vote. His wife who is current congresswoman for 2nd district Leyte - will gain another term without election. Their daughter, who is a Mayor – will also gain another term for free! Now this is democrazy in action!