Monday, January 16, 2006

No Election is GMA’s downfall

NO- el is bad for democracy, bad for the economy, and bad for the Filipino people.

Ang hula ko…

No- el will be the downfall of GMA. I have asked a few people and most agree that - by the no election proposition of GMA, she is robbing the people of its basic rights – indeed not once but twice. The first one was her alleged cheating during the elections (though I was not convince yet), and the second – is by denying the people the right to choose who should be their leaders! If this succeeds – this confirms, that indeed, magnanakaw sya! Ngayon ay lalabas na ako para mag-rally! Indeed, I will donate a hundred Jollibee pack meals!

No – election? Think twice Madam President.

I blogged, emailed and posted comments to support you during the impeachment period, but I will campaign – in my small way, to remove you from office if you deny the Filipino people their right to choose who their leaders should be!

This will be the rallying point for a People Power 3. Yan ang hula ko!

Sawa na kamo? Not when the issue is so basic - like right to life, right to breath, right to elect our own leaders etc.