Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Talking with the sea

Its weird, but I did this. I always do some weird things for reasons I myself do not know and for reasons I am not fully aware of, hehehe. I am sure my friends would react, if only they know this blog, and the reactions would be – stupid! Hehehe. This is a blog and I am supposed to be anonymous – so who cares! This is supposed to record certain events of my life, my wishes, my wants, my frustrations, and my idiosyncrasies among others. So here's the story.

During our first survey that happened few days ago, in the late afternoon, after the days work, and while we were on our way to the launching site, the sea was a little bit rough, and so I reach into my pocket for a coin and throw it to the sea, as an offering, and mumble a few words in my mind saying to the effect: thank you for your help spirits of the sea, further protect us, and make our whole survey safe, blah blah. Of course the sea did not calm down after I did this, hehehe, what do you expect? But we reach the launching site, safe and sound. I actually noticed that the waves were not hitting us that strongly any longer, after the offering – but then, maybe it was just me and my hallucinating mind, hello……hehehe.

Anyway, during the second day, everything started smoothly. The engine of our Boston Wheeler boat was humming perfectly and so our team went off to the sea. While on our way to the sampling sites, around 1 km offshore – the engine of the boat stopped. As I was sitting on the front of the boat, I noticed a Cormorant bird swimming, approaching us! The bird kept on swimming around the boat for several minutes. When it was just around three to two meters from us, I started talking with it, but it swam away, and I noticed its head dipped into the water, probably telling us to swim, but then, maybe it was just me and my hallucinating mind, hello……hehehe.

Anyway, we reach the launching site in no time, after almost an hour of paddling. The boat captain was thankful that the engine stopped when we were just a kilometer offshore and not in our sampling site which was several kilometers away. Me?, taking the cue from the Cormorant, I swam the cold waters near the launching site. The water was cold but refreshing and energizing, whatever that means.

When we finished packing our things, and while we were on our cars on the way to Al Khobar – in the back of my mind, I can hear the sea shouting at us: Fools!

Me? I don't know why the sea would be upset and call us fools.

The deed was done. I made my offer. I got a response. And the agreement was done.

I am grateful and thankful.But then, maybe it was just me and my hallucinating mind, hehehe.