Monday, January 09, 2006

Lost at Sea

Today, we went surveying the marine waters in the Arabian Gulf, close to Jubail, for a major project. While at sea, the Boston Wheeler boat that we were using suddenly stopped, probably due to lack of maintenance, hehehehe. So what we did was, we used the paddle - bugsay - bugsay, hehehe. Boston Wheeler is a bigger boat and a little bit difficult to paddle. But we have no choice - none of us had a cell phone with us afraid that it would get wet, to call for a coast guard rescue. Good thing was, we were not so far from the shore - we reach the shore after nearly an hour of paddling. And my arm still hurts.

I also swam the cold waters today, 17 to 18 C, it was OK, although its really cold for a tropical person like me. Trabaho eh...hehehe.

Both these experiences are not new to me. I had several sea problems before - in the Philippines, some were even much worse. Swimming cold waters is also not new to me, I remember the first cold water swim I had was five years ago, in Lake Michigan; right offshore of the Lakeshore Drive, just behind the big aquarium.

Another news is, I am expecting to recieve a new set of SCUBA gears next week. I calculated the cost of the set in riyals and coverted it to peso - and its worth like 160K pesoses. However, with the diving and all, at this time of the year - I am not really excited with it, hehehe.

By the way, I noticed that the winter here this year is not really cold - I saw many people not wearing jackets! Is this global warming in action?